Peter 33 Years / Male


Peter, a vibrant 33-year-old hailing from Kintampo in the Bono-East Region of Ghana, exudes enthusiasm as he shares his remarkable journey to renewed health. Now residing and working in the bustling suburb of Dansoman, Accra, Peter harbors aspirations of becoming a philanthropist, driven by his profound gratitude for the kindness he has received.

From childhood, Peter grappled with a debilitating deformity, seeking solace in numerous health facilities, including Korle-Bu, Impact, and Damango Hospital. His journey took a dramatic turn at the age of 12 when he was paralyzed by excruciating chest pain. Miraculously, six months later, he regained his ability to walk, igniting a newfound hope within him.

In January 2022, relentless back pain plagued Peter, disrupting his sleep and threatening his well-being. It was then that he discovered FOCOS Hospital, a beacon of hope in his darkest hour. Following a comprehensive evaluation, Peter was diagnosed with Post TB Kyphosis, a condition demanding surgical intervention to alleviate his pain and restore his vitality. Despite a daunting surgery bill of USD 9,457.00, Peter’s plea for support was met with partial sponsorship from FOCOS.

On December 15, 2022, Peter underwent a life-changing surgery, emerging victorious and ready to embrace his newfound lease on life. Intensive physiotherapy sessions accelerated his recovery, culminating in his joyous discharge on December 31, 2022. Reviews and follow-up calls affirmed Peter’s robust health, signaling his triumphant return to work.

Overflowing with gratitude, Peter extends heartfelt thanks to FOCOS for their unparalleled generosity and unwavering care throughout his journey. His humble plea echoes a desire for continued compassion, support, and professionalism from the dedicated staff at FOCOS, ensuring every patient receives the same exceptional care he experienced.