Mohammadul Success Stories


Meet Mohammadul, an energetic 8-year-old boy from Gambaga in Ghana’s Northern Region. A proud pupil of Zobzia M.A Primary School, Mohammadul dreams of donning the uniform of a soldier one day. Born to dedicated teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Misry, he is the eldest of two children and beams with ambition for the future.

Mohammadul’s journey began with a noticed deformity at six months old, gradually progressing over time. After seeking help from various hospitals, the Gambaga Health Center eventually referred them to FOCOS in 2017. Here, Mohammadul was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis, facing daunting surgery bills of USD 6,300 and USD 5,400 for his first and second surgeries, respectively. Through the benevolence of a FOCOS sponsorship, Mohammadul underwent successful surgeries on May 29, 2018, and February 2, 2021, experiencing a remarkable recovery free from pain or discomfort.

However, a review in January 2022 revealed an implant prominence, necessitating a revision surgery with a bill of USD 5,300. Once again, the Misry family pleaded for support, and with success, Mohammadul underwent another successful surgery on August 29, 2022. Surrounded by attentive care from the hospital staff, he was discharged on September 6, 2022, with a well-coordinated discharge plan and follow-up care.

Mohammadul’s transformation is nothing short of remarkable. With improved health and newfound independence, he eagerly prepares to resume his education, bringing joy to his family and community. The Misry family extends heartfelt gratitude to their generous sponsor, the Bank of Ghana, for making their son’s surgeries possible. They also express deep appreciation to the dedicated FOCOS team for their unwavering support throughout Mohammadul’s journey. Together, they celebrate a story of resilience, hope, and life-changing care.