Emmanuel – 13 Years


Emmanuel is from a remote village in the Central Region of Ghana where people have little or no knowledge of spinal deformities, and those who suffer such conditions have little or no access to health care. He suffered from a fast-growing spinal condition and said that the pains he endured were some of the most dreadful moments in his life. In addition, the stigma he experienced affected him and his entire family. Emmanuel said that people mocked him, called him names, and even told his family that they should “get rid of him”.

In the quest for seeking medical care, Emmanuel’s parents took him to several hospitals and other consultants, but all efforts proved futile. His sponsors – Compassion International – came across FOCOS Hospital on social media and recommended that they make an appointment with a specialist, which happened in November 2017. Emmanuel went through a series of diagnostic tests and was diagnosed with TB Kyphosis, which is tuberculosis of the spine with an exaggerated, forward rounding of the upper back. Such a condition, if left untreated, could lead to paralysis. He was recommended for surgery and would need more than one in order to correct his condition.

Emmanuel had high hopes. However, his joy was short lived when his family received the bill, which tripled, because he needed to have three surgeries – one in 2017, another in 2020 and the last in June 2022. Emmanuel’s hope was restored, though. He was able to undergo life-changing surgery because of Compassion International Ghana, who sponsored all of his surgeries (which totaled over $30,000).

Emmanuel would like to express his gratitude to the FOCOS medical team and hospital staff for each of his successful procedures and transforming his life. He is also grateful for the physiotherapy sessions and quality of care he received, which contributed immensely to his recovery. Furthermore, Emmanuel is eternally thankful to Compassion International Ghana for their generous contribution and providing him with the opportunity to pursue his life dreams in good health.