Prince 26 / Male


Meet Prince, a vibrant 26-year-old high school graduate and the second of three siblings. Hailing from a town in Ghana’s Eastern Region, Prince bravely faced the challenges of living with scoliosis, enduring excruciating pain.

In his quest for relief, Prince was referred to FOCOS from the Nsawam Government Hospital in 2019. With hope on the horizon, FOCOS offered surgical treatment, albeit with a daunting bill of USD 6,500. Undeterred, Prince and his mother sought assistance, securing sponsorship from the Social Services Unit in November 2022.

Admitted to FOCOS Hospital, Prince underwent a transformative surgery on November 8, 2022, with remarkable success and no complications. The compassionate staff provided unwavering support, guiding Prince through every step with comfort and understanding. From attentive nurses to meticulously planned discharge and follow-up arrangements, the care exceeded expectations. Nutritious meals, educational resources, and enriching physiotherapy sessions further fueled Prince’s recovery journey.

With immense gratitude, Prince extends heartfelt thanks to his anonymous sponsor, who granted him the gift of pursuing his dreams in good health. This remarkable journey is a testament to the power of compassion and the life-changing impact of FOCOS Hospital.