Mrs. Beatrice Mensah Tayui is a seasoned Chief Executive Officer leading and
operating cutting edge businesses on the international landscape with a focus on oil
and gas in Sub Saharan Africa. Her business acumen has placed her in a position to
serve on several corporate and foundation boards. She is an Economist and an
investment strategist, with a high corporate acumen and a keen eye for niche
opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Her strengths include international and domestic
business acquisitions and joint ventures, business turn around, and analysis of business
trends, as a tool for investments. She specializes in corporate restructuring. She
demonstrates excellent leadership, interpersonal and problem solving skills. Her
assertive and distinctive aptitude in business is credited to her self-imposed
commitment to excellence.
Prior to establishing her own global businesses, she has held executive leadership
positions at several Fortune 500 companies (Pfizer, Hoffman La Roche, Johnson and
Bea has dedicated her career to being a force for change and excellence in corporate
governance, with a keen eye on support for women’s initiatives globally. Her business
acumen and distinctive leadership skills have won her several awards from
organizations globally. As a highly successful businesswoman, she has founded and
operated several businesses.
She is the founder and CEO of Cybele Energy Global and Cybele Energy Ghana Ltd.
Cybele Energy is an Oil and gas company focused on Exploration and Production of Oil
Blocks within West Africa. The organization’s primary focus is the acquisition of
marginal fields as well as early stage exploration opportunities. Cybele has succeeded
in developing global partners in pursuit of established land positions and cutting edge
technology in the energy and oil and gas industry. Cybele and its partners have
structured a development strategy to not only explore and develop opportunities in
Africa but also to provide drilling and other services.
She was educated at Roosevelt University in Chicago with Bachelor of Science degree in
Economics and Business Administration and an MBA (Masters in Business
Bea Tayui is actively involved in community service and non-profit organizations where
her philanthropic gene has earned her significant recognition and accolades for her
substantial financial support to several organizations. She has actively promoted and
inspired true leadership in women globally. She provides mentoring and sponsorship
programs for the less fortunate kids in the Chicagoland community. Her passion for
education has led her to actively provide historical donations to a Polytechnic Institution
in her native country of Ghana. Her initiative is guided to lend support to the next
generation and support them to actively participate in the oil and gas sector thereby
producing Ghanaians who can not only be globally competitive but effectively support
their country with true growth and development.

She resides in Flossmoor, Illinois with her husband, mother and children. Paramount to all of her accomplishments, she is the mother of three beautiful children, Clarice, Chelsea and William.