2022 FOCOS Virtual Gala

  • Start: October 25, 2022 6:00 pm
  • End: October 25, 2022 8:00 pm

Last year’s Gala was a success and you made it possible by honoring our invitation to support a worthy cause. This year, we have decided again to host our flagship event virtually. Together we will have friends, sponsors, partners, volunteers, our Board of Directors, doctors, FOCOS Staff, business leaders and many other supporters from all walks of life who share and believe in our goal. The theme for this year’s virtual Gala is ‘’The Culture of Care’’.

Building a culture of care is about creating an environment where people feel valued…not just patients and staff, but those who support, as well. Caring for someone or something is one part; however, caring about them is the most important aspect. This year, we will provide new highlights from the hospital and give you an opportunity to enjoy a synergistic virtual experience with us. Please join us as we make a difference in the lives of others! Your support is undoubtedly needed!


DONATE NOW: https://focos.focoshospital.org/virtual2022

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For questions or to arrange alternate payment, please contact us at: info@focosus.org

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