Samuella – 6 Years Old

Samuella is a six-year-old student originally from the Eastern Region of Ghana. During her first visit to FOCOS Hospital in January 2021, her mother indicated that Samuella had experienced normal developmental growth up to the age of one, when it became apparent that Samuella had bowed legs. She also noted that this deformity went untreated […]

Emmanuel – 13 Years

Emmanuel is from a remote village in the Central Region of Ghana where people have little or no knowledge of spinal deformities, and those who suffer such conditions have little or no access to health care. He suffered from a fast-growing spinal condition and said that the pains he endured were some of the most […]

Eunice – 8 Years

Eight-year old Eunice was eleven months old when her parents noticed a spinal deformity. Her symptoms included shortness of breath and not being able to sit properly. In 2019, upon recommendation, Eunice and her parents visited FOCOS Hospital. After assessment, she received a bill that her family could not afford. However, Eunice received the needed […]